Exciting times here at the Book Fair Foundation as we review applications coming in for next year’s beneficiaries— only a few days left to submit one from your registered non-profit. This year’s deadline for application is Sunday, December 31. (There is a mail slot in our front door if you find yourself running short on time.)

Dayton Book Fair envisions our relationship with each year’s beneficiaries as a partnership in which the organizations get to learn a little about each other and the recipients find out just what goes into raising money by selling used books. (Hint: we really do love books.) To that end, we ask each of the chosen organizations to contribute 40 hours of volunteer effort towards the sale.

If you know of an organization that ought to be considered, remind them to check out the instructions for how to apply at this link! Before December 31st!

We will host a reception on Friday, February 2nd to present checks to this year’s very worthy beneficiaries (Artemis Center, Caesar’s Ford Theatre Co. and Discover Classical – Dayton Public Radio– we will miss you guys!) and to announce our three new beneficiaries for 2018. Watch this space for time and place.


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