The application process to become a beneficiary of the Book Fair Foundation is outlined here, with an application form and guidelines posted below.

There are three requirements:

  1. Your group must be a registered organization in the State of Ohio.
  2. Your location must be within 25 miles of the city of Dayton
  3. You must be a 501c3.

Applications must be postmarked by Wednesday, January 4, 2023 or received at our office by Tuesday, January 10 by close of business (4 pm).

The board will meet in January to talk about the applications we’ve received. Some of the things that we consider is what kind of “match” the applicant feels like for us— does this seem like a group whose mission is in concert with our own? We also look at the 990-N documents that each organization has filed. We work very hard to make the book fair a success. We’d like the gift we give to have significant impact on the organizations we choose.

It’s possible that we may want to schedule an interview with finalists if we cannot agree on three. We get so many applications from wonderful organizations that choosing just three is quite a challenge.

Dayton Book Fair beneficiaries share equally in the net proceeds generated by the fair– and this year we will again choose three organizations. The amount has generally been around $10,000 per beneficiary.

If your group is chosen as a beneficiary, there are certain requirements you should be aware of.

We require 40 volunteer hours from your organization. It can be 40 people for one hour, 4 people for ten hours, one person for 40 hours— the volunteer hours can be at the sale, or during one of our two roundups or during the year at the Book Loft, or a combination of any of those. At least four of those forty hours must be fulfilled on the afternoon of November 13th, 2023 the Monday following the sale.

Additionally, we expect that you will promote the 52nd Annual Dayton Book Fair among your own volunteers, staff and fans– through newsletter, website, Facebook page, emails or tweets. We want the people who love your organization to help support you by supporting the Book Fair.

Letters of application should be sent to the Book Fair Foundation, 2181 Embury Park Rd, Dayton, OH 45414. You are also welcome to drop off your letter at our Embury Park Road office. (Look for the flamingos in the yard.) We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 10 to 4 .

You may also drop them at the bookstore, Rabbit Hole Books, 29 West First St. We are open there noon to seven every day.

We will announce the beneficiaries of the 2023 Dayton Book Fair on Thursday, February 2, 2023 at a special event at Rabbit Hole Books at 3 p.m., on this site, on our Facebook page and on our telephone greeting. Organizations chosen for this year will be contacted prior to that date.

And remember, if we don’t choose you this year, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t choose you another year, so even if you are disappointed, be sure to apply again.

If you have questions, you’re welcome to call us (937) 999-4491 to talk to us or email us at

Yes, we know the application packet says 2019. With all the craziness of opening the store right on the heels of the Book Fair, we don’t have time to update it this year– please go ahead and use this version. Click the link below. 

application packet1