Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 11.24.24 PM2019 Book Fair Schedule

The 49th annual Dayton Book Fair

At the new Montgomery County Fairgrounds, 645 Infirmary Road

(Take US35 to Infirmary Rd and turn west)

Monday, October 7   12:01 a.m.
wristbands on sale online and by phone!

Friday, November 8
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

$10 admission, all day

Saturday, November 9
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Free admission

Sunday, November 10
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Bag Sale Day – Free admission – $7.50 per bag (sales tax included)

Monday, November 11
8 a.m. to 12 noon
Clean Sweep Day – Pay $1 admission, and take all the books you want

Plenty of free parking is available.

There is no scheduled RTA service to this location, but the Fairgrounds tells us that people needing the RTA can call the regular number (937) 425-8300 and arrange to be transported to the fairgrounds, and that riders over age 65 may be picked up at their home. As we know more about this, we will update this site.

Year Round Online Stores

We do sell some of our more unusual titles through our online stores at eBay and on Amazon. We continuously add new titles to our online stores as these special books are donated.

26 Replies to “SALE”

    1. The price range for books is $2 for hardcover, $1.50 for trade paperback, $1 for mass-market paperbacks. Children’s books are mostly $1, with some hardcovers at $1.50. CDs and DVDs are a dollar each, for singles, slightly more for sets. There is also a section of collectible books– those are priced individually.

      On Sunday, it’s everything you can fit in a bag for $7.50. On Monday, from 8 a.m. to noon– pay $1 to come in and take as much as you want. Books are separated into 54 different categories, and we have maps available. The silent auction is for certain collectible titles and will close Saturday night at 6 p.m.

      Thanks for your interest!


  1. Great event!! Plenty of room to browse and push carts around; even a hot food concession stand! Bring your own bag though and try to leave coats in the car so you can be comfortable walking around. Can’t wait until next year!
    Scott Cinci


  2. Is this what was formerly called the Planned Parenthood Book Fair? I miss it since I moved out of state. Can you please tell me when/where the 2019 Book Fair will be?




    1. Yes, we’ve been separate from Planned Parenthood since 2014. Our sale this year is November 8 through the 11th and is at the new Montgomery County Fairgrounds at 645 Infirmary Road (just off US35) in Dayton. Hope to see you there!


  3. I was wondering if the book sale would have manga? I’ve adored them ever single middle school and learned about your sale from a Half Price Books Clearance sale (where I was buying about 100 volumes of manga). I live really far away and would like to know if you guys have a sizeable manga section for sale for me to warrant taking a vacation day off work to drive up. I ask b/c I’ve been to some local book fairs near me and only about 1 in 4 actually accept/sell manga.


  4. Compton Encyclopedias from 1966. Very good condition, but obviously dated. Are they of use to you? If not, who would you recommend? Thank you.


    1. You’re kidding, right? There are approximately 80 tons of books at this sale, there is no way we would be able to give you a breakdown by copyright date. Safe to say there is a wide variety of books published from 1780 to 2019.


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