We’re looking for volunteers

This spring the Book Fair Foundation and Dayton Book Fair are in a period of wonderful growth and some major changes and some exciting new initiatives. Maybe you’d like to join us? We are in particular looking for people who are interested in learning to sell books on eBay (or who already know how to do that), as well as people who have a keen interest in children’s books. We also could use a hand in handling some of the warehouse tasks, book pick-ups in the community, and help with community outreach.

If any of this sounds like something that might interest you, or if you’d just like to come by and visit and see what we do (and if you might find a niche there you’d be comfortable in) just give us a call (937) 999-4491 (please ask for Allison or Larkin) or send an email (daytonbookfair@gmail.com) or stop by at our offices at 2181 Embury Park Road, just off of Keowee on the north edge of Dayton. Our offices look out over the Great Miami River, it’s very pretty!

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