Saturday Last Day to Apply!

If your group would like to be considered as one of the three beneficiaries for the 2016 Book Fair, tomorrow is the last day to submit a letter of application!  You can send the letter to Search Committee, Book Fair Foundation, 2181 Embury Park Rd, Dayton, OH 45414 or by email to

Organizations need to be a state-recognized non-profit, have tax-exempt status, and be located in the greater Dayton area. Send us a letter letting us know what your group does in the community and if you can, what you can do to help with the Book Fair, either through a newsletter, website or perhaps volunteer efforts.

Don’t forget! Saturday,  January 9th is the last day.!

2 Replies to “Saturday Last Day to Apply!”

  1. just came to this site to see where I could drop off books–forgot you separated from Plannned Parenthood. What a shame–I can no longer even think about supporting you. Planned Parenthood saved both me and my daughter from unplanned pregnancies.. No–not by performing abortions but by providing low cost exams and BIRTH CONTROL.


    1. Hi Deb, we didn’t separate from Planned Parenthood over philosophical differences, but after 45 years we felt it was time for a change. There is, of course, more to the story than that — and there is a lengthy explanation here: Rest assured, the money we raise at the Book Fair stays in Dayton to help this community, and this year we have chosen three really wonderful beneficiaries. Planned Parenthood may still want your books– they have offices on Wilkinson St. Or there are many charitable thrift shops and library sales that welcome book donations too. And of course, if you change your mind, we’d love to see you.


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