We collect books, media and findings all through the year and resell them at our annual Book Fair at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, Dayton, OH the second weekend in November. The proceeds from the Fair go to support three Dayton-area charities.

Three New Beneficiaries

The Dayton Book Fair Foundation has chosen three downtown Dayton nonprofit organizations as beneficiaries of the 2019 Dayton Book Fair. This year’s book fair is the the 49th annual fair, … Continue reading Three New Beneficiaries

How to Apply to Be a Beneficiary

    As we move forward for this year’s sale, we are also looking towards next year’s sale and to that end, we have revamped the application process somewhat. Instead … Continue reading How to Apply to Be a Beneficiary

Looking for Next Year’s Figurehead

Everything happens so quickly this time of year. The board met yesterday to discuss plans for this year’s sale, new categories for next year and how we’re going to revise … Continue reading Looking for Next Year’s Figurehead

Late Summer Roundup

Gather up all those stray books, DVDs, records and CDs. Corral your board games, puzzles, and the like and drive them on over to your local Grismer’s during the week … Continue reading Late Summer Roundup

New (Old) Home for the Book Fair

We are delighted to announce that the Dayton Book Fair is continuing our 40-year long relationship with the Montgomery County Fairgrounds and will follow them to their new location at … Continue reading New (Old) Home for the Book Fair

Time for the Great Spring Round-Up

Working on Spring Cleaning? Have too many books? Too many records, DVDs, puzzles, games, CDs? Bring them to us! (Your donations are tax deductible.) We’ll be set up with “manned” barrels … Continue reading Time for the Great Spring Round-Up

Introducing Our 2018 Beneficiaries

After a very long and challenging process to winnow down our wonderful applicants to just three new beneficiaries, we have done just that. (We so wish we had fifty grants … Continue reading Introducing Our 2018 Beneficiaries