Book Fair Foundation Chooses Beneficiaries for 2017


It’s a wonderful thing, poring over the scores of applications we received this year from fantastic local organizations who need and want our help— Dayton is really lucky to have so many great non-profits. Given the strengths of the applications we received, it was an enormous challenge for our whole board to winnow down the candidates to just three.

But we did it!

We are delighted to announce that the three beneficiaries we chose for 2017 are Caesar’s Ford Theatre Inc., Dayton Public Radio (“Discover Classical”) and the Artemis Center.

10561710_805095596198072_2127137991330307210_nCaesar’s Ford Theatre is a fledgling theatre company based in Fairborn who works to bring Ohio history and literature to outdoortheatre, and because their performances are free, they endeavor to make live theatrical works accessible to all. Their mission is to educate the public about the history of Ohio and classic literary works through the performing arts and educational programs. Find out more about Caesar’s Ford Theatre here.


Dayton Public Radio is an independent public radio station, a veritable concert hall that never closes for its 45,000 listeners. Known to its listeners as “Discover Classical 88.1”, the station works to preserve access to the arts for all citizens. Unlike most public radio stations,  Dayton Public Radio  no university affiliation (and thus no university funding) but is funded almost entirely through  donations from its listeners.  Learn more about Discover Classical here.

The Artemis Center is committed to ending domestic violence and provides services to victims of intimate partner abuse in conjunction with sheltering offered through the YWCA. Their services include advocacy and counseling, child and adult therapy, court accompaniment, a pantry, and financial assistance with lock changes, cab rides to safety, bus tickets out of town and other services. You can find out more about the Artemis Center here.



In 2016, the Foundation chose FilmDayton, K12 Gallery & TEJAS and the Learning Tree Farm. Each of those organizations was awarded an equal share of the net proceeds from Ohio’s largest used book sale— ten thousand dollars each.

Throughout  the year the three organizations will work in concert with the Book Fair Foundation to promote the donation of books, perhaps lending a hand with sorting and pricing and promoting the Book Fair in November.  We are very much looking forward to getting to know the folks at these three worthy organizations and working in partnership with them throughout the year. At the end of the year, the three organizations will receive equal shares of the net proceeds of Ohio’s largest used book sale, the Dayton Book Fair.

Another One for the Record Books


Hard to believe it’s already been a week since we took this photo on the last hours of clean-up of our 46th annual Book Fair.  We are pleased to say that we made enough money that our three beneficiaries (FilmDayton, K12 Gallery & TEJAS, and the Learning Tree Farm) we’ll each  be presented with a substantial check to help continue their important work.

We could not have done this without a platoon of volunteers. Maybe a couple of platoons. We are forever indebted to those who step forward to help us, time and again, who work long hours, lift heavy boxes and are not only still standing at the end of a long day, but still smiling too. And not just at the sale, which is 8 days of steady labor, but also year round at our office and warehouse, the Book Loft.

31025773496_fa5a45aecf_oOur enduring gratitute~

Lynn Adams, Larry Banks, Wendy Banks, Pat Barcelona, Carlyle Barnard, Jack Barnard, Barbara Beach, Deb Bentley, Debbie Bertke, Karl Bissett, Alice Bush, Marv Campbell, Ted Campbell, Rebecca Cantrell, Shelly Charles, Darcie Clark, Charlene Cross, Dennis Cross, Brian Davies, Keelan Day, Fran Delegato, Dori Dick, Jeannette Dohner, David Engelsman, Diane Estridge, Allison Fickus, Maggie French, Garry Greene, Mindy Greene, Lisa Grigsby,  Lynn Haven, Pam Henson, Jo Hoak, Cassie Hoell, Dave Hurwitz, Pat Johnson, Abby Kallmeyer, Chrissy Kaninberg, Betsy Keyes, Barbara Kordenat, Norm Krebs, Jan Leary, Tracy Leonard, Elmer Lieu, Julian Lieu, Christian Matheny, Jack Matheny, Grace Miller, Karen Miller, Tom Miller, Jana Morse, Nancy Nerny, Donna Nickels, Maureen O’Meara, Ally Reckers, Brenda Rupert, Chris Rupert, Kate Schultz, Janice Shuler, Gary Sinck, Audrey Smith, Sandy Smith, Amanda Tomlin, Susan Tomlin, Larkin Vonalt, Bea Walther and Nancy Watson.

Our thanks also to our wonderful business partners, who always go above and beyond to help us provide Dayton with it’s oldest and largest used book sale.

Beavercreek Rental, Kevin Crisler from Cox Media, Beth Anspach from Dayton Daily News, Meredith Moss from Dayton Daily News, David Esrati from Next Wave, Brian Miracle at First Data, Fred Grundeman, Steven Roe from Huntington Bank; Kosins’ Tents and Events, Bill Landis, Patty and her guys at Lewis and Michael; The Living Dayton Crew at WDTN, Aaron Collett, Lori Page, Dale Spencer and the Guys in Blue from the Montgomery County Fairgounds; Jeannette Peters-Ware, Roscoe Peters, and Nina, Michael, Joe and the rest of the Security Team from Peak Security, Our Gang at Penske; Alyson Brate from the Perfect Wife Catering, Aimee Thomes Plesa, and Andi Smith.

And of course, an enormous thank you to the hundreds of people who bring their books into us, who call us to come get their books, to Miami Valley Boy Scout Troop 516, to the great folks at the West Milton Library, at the Tipp City Library, at the Dayton Metro Libraries, and all of the  many churches, synagogues and local businesses who graciously host barrels for donated books.

And finally– our customers, who delight us with their enthusiasm for books, who give space on their shelves to a few more volumes (or a few hundred more volumes) some of whom have been coming year after year after year — and some who just found us this year. WIthout you, there would be no success. Thank you, and please come again.



It’s been yet another wonderful sale. So many thousands of books found new homes, so many thousands of people found new books— and it’s all thanks to you.

We’re almost ready . . . .


(and here’s a peek at the new auction catalog.)


What an incredible day we’ve had! All the books made it to the Coliseum from the warehouse, but it turns out our dock plate wasn’t long enough to drive the forklift onto the trailer to fetch them. Did I mention that it’s a LOT of books?  We did finally come up with a work-around solution, and all the books are unloaded and boxes are being unpacked, probably as you read this.

Look for a segment about us on Tuesday on WDTN “Living Dayton” at lunchtime. Given that it’s election day, we’re bringing some books to share that have interesting political twists.

Also, we think we might have heard that we’ll be featured on the front of the lifestyle section of Thursday’s Dayton Daily News.

Though the Book Fair won’t officially start until Thursday morning, for the fantastic volunteers that make it all happen, it’s already underway. (People actually take vactionas from their jobs to help us with this.)

We’ll be having a silent auction again this year, which will finish at 6 p.m. on Saturday night. There will be paper catalogs available at the sale, or you can peruse it at this link: auctioncatalog16

Also, you can still pre-order wristbands for will-call. It’s easiest for us if you do so through the website, but if you don’t have that option you can still order by phone– call us on our cell 937.781.6561 to do so.

Looking for Wine Boxes!



We use many wine boxes at the Book Fair. (You know, the shipping cartons, not “cardboardeaux”, as my friend Martha calls wine-in-a-box.) We cut them down to hold staple bound books (especially kids books), magazines and pamphlets. Usually we have plenty, but this year we are short. We could use about 40 wine boxes. And because we are still madly pricing and packing books for the upcoming sale, we don’t really have time to go out looking for them.

If you have extra, or if you have an “in” with a liquor store that could spare some for us, or even better if you could actually bring some to us at the Book Loft at 2181 Embury Park Road in Dayton, that would be wonderful!

Moving Day at the Loft

IMG_5893 IMG_5886 IMG_5890 IMG_5883

In preparation for Round Up, we moved 40 or so pallets to our new warehouse space. (And a good thing we did too, as we really needed the space for all the new-to-us books and records and puzzles and games that came in on Saturday.) It takes a small army to keep the Foundation running– and though we got a picture of Larry Outstanding in His Field, we forgot to take more pictures until the very end of the day, when we loaded the last 11 skids of the day– and Allison, Brian and Elmer were the last here– ’till the very very end. We love them.

Did You Miss the Round Up, Pardner?


Did you miss the Round up today? Maybe you just didn’t have a chance to get your books together? Maybe you started gathering books and one caught your eye, and you sat down to look and got caught up in the story  and . . . . we know how that happens!

Not to worry though! You can always bring your donations to our Book Loft at 2181 Embury Park Road in Dayton. (Alongside the Great Miami River, near Boonshoft– between Keowee and Ridge Streets.)  We’re here Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Wednesdays 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

And if you just can’t manage to bring your books in yourself, we do offer a pick-up service, often within the week you call. So feel free to call and set up a time– 937.999.4491. We can even bring you boxes to pack them in.

We collect gently used books, records, DVDs. VHS, prints, posters, games and puzzles for our sale in November, the proceeds from which benefits FilmDayton, K12 Gallery & TEJAS, and the Learning Tree Farm.  We are a 501c3 registered charity and your donations are tax deductible.

Round Up This Weekend!




Don’t forget to roundup the books, records, games, puzzles, movies and so forth you’d like to donate for the Roundup on Saturday. We have a dozen sites in the greater Dayton area open  10 a.m. until 1 p.m. as well as our office-warehouse space on Embury Park which is open ’till 3 p.m.

We are a 501c3 organization and your donations are tax deductible!


  • Beavercreek Senior Center 3868 Dayton-Xenia Rd.,
  • David’s Church 170 W. David Ave, Kettering
  • Davies Residence 3975 Forest Ridge Blvd, Riverside
  • First United Methodist Church, 60 E. North St. Springboro
  • Harmony Creek UC Church, 5280 Bigger Road
  • K12 Gallery 341 S. Jefferson St. Dayton
  • Learning Tree Farm 3376 S. Union, Dayton
  • Miami Valley Unitarian 8690 Yankee, Centerville
  • Montgomery County Fairgrounds 1043 S. Main St. Dayton
  • Polk Grove UC Church 9190 Frederick Pike, Englewood
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal 33 W. Dixon, Oakwood
  • Trinity UCC Church 821 N. Central, Fairborn


If you can’t make the Round Up, or it is difficult for you to bring your books to us, give us a call and we can schedule a pick up for you. Our office number is (937) 999-4491

Time for the August Round Up!


Our August Round Up is Coming! Have more books than you know what to do with? Old vinyl records taking up too much room? Never going to watch that DVD again? We’ll help all your great stuff find a good home at our November sale, so bring it to us during our August Round-up Saturday, August 20th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.We have 12 drop off locations around town, and of course, you can bring donations to our Book Loft at 2181 Embury Park Road.

Beavercreek Senior Center 3868 Dayton-Xenia Rd., Beavercreek
David’s Church 170 W. David Ave, Kettering
Davies Residence 3975 Forest Ridge Blvd, Riverside
First United Methodist Church, 60 E. North St. Springboro
Harmony Creek UC Church, 5280 Bigger Road
K12 Gallery 341 S. Jefferson St. Dayton
Learning Tree Farm 3376 S. Union, Dayton
Miami Valley Unitarian 8690 Yankee, Centerville
Montgomery County Fairgrounds 1043 S. Main St. Dayton
Polk Grove UC Church 9190 Frederick Pike, Englewood
St. Paul’s Episcopal 33 W. Dixon, Oakwood
Trinity UCC Church 821 N. Central, Fairborn

Your donations are tax deductible and we will be happy to provide you with a receipt for your records.

If you can’t make the Round Up, or it is difficult for you to bring your books to us, give us a call and we can schedule a pick up for you. Our office number is (937) 999-4491

Our sale is Thursday November 10 through Monday, November 14 at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, and this year proceeds from the sale benefit FilmDayton, K12 Gallery & TEJAS and the Learning Tree Farm.

Can You Give Us a Hand?

Check out our Volunteer Open House July 2

packing room
We’re having a Volunteer Open House Saturday, July 2nd at 11 a.m. Come by and see how it all works. We’ve been inundated with so many wonderful donations.  If you love books and could consider committing to even one day a month to give us a hand, we could use the help!
There are a wide variety of things to do at our Book Loft:
  • Research, sorting, pricing, and packing books  (any one or combination of those)
  • Assistance with pick-ups: we have barrels around town, plus we offer a service to pick up book donations from people who aren’t able to bring them in.
  • Want to learn how to sell books on eBay? We’ll be happy to show you!

Many of the tasks here do not require a great physical effort, but a few more people with strong backs would be incredibly helpful.

We’re open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10  to 3 and Wednesdays from 1 to 7. The Book Loft is air-conditioned, and we have snacks for volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers who can help us regularly, anywhere from once a month to every day we’re open. If you can only commit to a single day, we will have opportunities for that during our August Round-Up (August 20) and of course during our fantastic Dayton Book Fair, November 7th through the 14th. Proceeds from this year’s Book Fair benefits FilmDayton, K12 Gallery & TEJAS and Learning Tree Farm.

If you’re interested in volunteering, give us a call at 937.999. 4491 or stop in at our Volunteer Open House at our Book Loft on Saturday July 2nd at 11 a.m at 2181 Embury Park Road, in Dayton.

It’s Time for the Spring Round-Up!


Saturday, May 21st is the date for the first of our two annual book roundups! We’ll be at various collection points in the area from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to help you with your books and hand out receipts for donations. The sale of your donated books goes to support K12 Gallery?TEJAS, The Learning Tree Farm and FilmDayton.

On Saturday, we’ll be at:

  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 33 W. Dixon, Oakwood
  • David’s United Church of Christ, 170 W. David Rd, Kettering
  • Harmony Creek United Church of Christ, 5280 Bigger Rd, Centerville
  • Polk Grove United Church of Christ 9190 Frederick Pike, Englewood
  • K12 Gallery/TEJAS 341 S. Jefferson St. Dayton
  • The Learning Tree Farm 3376 S. Union Rd. Dayton
  • Look at a Book, 661 Lyons Road, Centerville
  • Siebenthaler Parking Lot, 545 W. Siebenthaler at Catalpa, Dayton
  • Beavercreek Senior Center, 3868 Dayton-Xenia Road, Beavercreek
  • The Book Loft, 2181 Embury Park Rd, Dayton

We’d love to have your donations of gently used books on all subjects for adults and children, movies, CDs, board games, puzzles, and records for our sale in November.

If you can’t make the Round-Up, remember that we’re also at The Book Loft throughout the year– that’s at 2181 Embury Park Road, Dayton, OH 45414. We’re open there Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 10 to 3 and Wednesdays 1 to 7, plus there is a secure book drop with 24 hour access.

Questions? Give us a call 937.999.4491 or send us a message through this site or our Facebook page.